Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Changes are Coming

Here I am, 4 years and 2 days since my last post on this blog.

Today, we have a new President-elect who, I hope, will become a uniter of the country, a healer of our wounds, and a supporter of the United States.

In my last post, I was frustrated that so many voters failed to see the harm that our country was receiving with the policies of our soon-to-be-ex President.

All of the items I feared would happen did happen during these past four years.

Even though the President had control of neither the House nor the Senate, he got every blessed thing he wanted with maybe the sole exception of another anti-Second Amendment judge sitting on the Supreme Court.

This Administration was the most anti-Semite group of people in the world with maybe the exceptions of Palestine and some other Middle Eastern countries. Even more anti-Jew than all of the anti-Jew countries in Europe.

Budget? What budget? The President merely says, "I will veto it." and, whoopee, the House caves like a poorly build house of cards.

More felons have been released by the President that at any other time in our history. "Non-violent drug" criminals were released but more than one third of those from Texas were not non-violent. Maybe the one crime that they were sentenced on was non-violent but many had a history of illegal gun possession, distribution of controlled substances, robbery, assault, kidnapping, and rape. They should have been left to rot in the prison until their period of incarceration was finished.

Executive orders were issued right and left. Who needs a Congress to pass laws if the President can simply use the power of the pen?

I only hope that President Trump will be able to work with a Republican controlled Congress to bring about a slowing of Progressive inroads in our society.

No men in women's bathrooms and vice versa.

Stop issuing regulations! A recent group of changes the EPA provided to the oil industry exceeded 3,000 pages of new or changed regulations affecting the oil and gas industry. The industry had 48 hours to review and comment.

So much more needs to be done. Stop funding the Black Lies Matter group. They are a terrorist organization (as defined by several foreign governments, by the way).

Too much to cover and I see I am rambling.

Thanks to God for letting us at least start getting this country right again.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK. It's all yours now.

To my oh so liberal friends and relatives who are grinning like Cheshire cats today. I can hear you say, "We won. You lost. Go suck an egg, you right-wing racist bigot woman-hater!"

OK. It's all yours now.

Run with it. Make those changes you want. Think things will be better?

Your president will now have no barriers stopping him from making any Executive Order he wants. His handlers will be non-stop in "destroy the foundation now" mode.

No budget is necessary. Just raise taxes.
No laws need to be followed. Just do what I say.
The Constitution will be modified. The Supreme Court will see to that.

The Federales will control everything about your life.  Can't let you live too long now, can we? You don't need a gun to protect yourself. And on and on.

I hope you are happy. I hope you live to regret your decision. But with this big government, they will be watching you just as closely as they are watching me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Completely Politically Correct

Here we go again. I get so PO'd when I read the news these days. News? Well, maybe not.

Planned Parenthood advising clients how to obtain free ultrasounds to determine the sex of the baby and then how to obtain a late term abortion if the baby is female. Disgusting.

Here are some of MY beliefs:
I am against abortion in general.
I believe the Federales should decriminalize all drugs immediately and let each State set their own rules. (That would be a hoot! Watch the productivity in California reach an entirely new low!)
I support the US Constitution specifically the Bill of Rights.
I know the Federales should not have a Department of Education, a Department of Urban Development, and other useless, non-constitutional departments.
I know the Federales should not be involved in dictating health insurance coverage.
I know the Federales should not be involved in dictating home ownership loans.
I know the Federales should not be involved in dictating cultural standards (with things such as gay marriage).